These are a few truths we hold very deeply and thought you should know about…

Health is normal

  • You are built to be healthy. The idea that we need a pill for every symptom and another pill for every side effect insults us. Your body is amazing and is designed for perfect health. Health comes from within, not from a pill or lotion.
  • Life happens. Stress from physical traumas, incongruent food choices, and life events can cause your brain and nervous system to lock into the “fight or flight” response, literally changing your neurology and how your body functions at the cellular level.
  • Being locked into the fight or flight response for long periods of time leads to decreased organ function, decreased immunity, decreased energy, anxiety or depression, pain and poor health.
  • Chiropractic care breaks the cycle of the fight or flight response and brings your nervous system from pain and dysfunction back to its normal state of health and happiness.
  • Fine tuning lifestyle and food choices will help you to avoid going down the same dead end road twice (or three times, or four..) and help you manifest perfect health.


Healthy babies lead to healthy families


    • We all want what is best for our children and know that it is easier to raise healthy kids than to fix broken adults
    • Unfortunately, kids are getting sicker and sicker. This generation is the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.
    • Medicine has even had to change the names of some diseases to account for this. “Adult onset diabetes” is now called “Type 2 diabetes” because children started getting it.
    • It is our mission to break this cycle in our community. Our children deserve the best. This includes chiropractic care, natural parenting, and a life free of unnecessary drugs and surgeries. We would be humbled if you would join us in this mission by having your children evaluated by a qualified chiropractor.